Test of Character
The March
Illegitimate Theatre
The Dream
A Prayer
The Truth
This Could Be You
Nathan's Theme
Jazz Hands
A Love Song
The Magic Pantsless Man

Test of Character:

(Instrumental, no lyrics)

The March:

Why you push me, I don't know...
Closer to the beast...
He craves his live meat,
Oh - no - please don't make me go.

Silent darkness hides your face,
Your grip is death cold,
"Please release your hold!"
But you don't abate your pace...

You advance me almost in,
My hand scrapes the wall,
To try to stop it all,
But it only tears my skin...

Why you push me, I don't know,
Closer to the beast
He craves his live meat!
Oh - no!
Please don't make me
Please don't make me!
please don't make me


I'm- Free-

I was born of the night and stars,
Too frightful for those who birthed me,
And locked in darkness at the dawn of time,
Forgotten by the cosmos, unknown to man,
The weight of eternity wasting my soul,
Forever raging against my bonds,
And forever denied my freedom.
Until now... I am free... I am Colossus... Messenger- of the End.

(You can not do this!)
You can not stop it
(But it is not fair!)
Do not speak to me of fair!
(It's our right to live!)
There is no such thing!
(But we're not done yet!)
It does not matter!

Nothing that's ever been mattered,
Nothing that you are counts,
Importance is relative,
And soon the universe
Will end.

My hand will reach from the ether,
And crush existence to the void.
My mouth will yawn in twilight,
And swallow all of time.
Do not worry, all is well, and nothing matters anymore.
It's over, it's over, it's over, it's all just-

Illegitimate Theatre:

Ready boys?
(you know it!)(you betcha!)(yes)(shore thing!)

It's a beautiful day, it's a Sunday. (A Sunday)
A day full of flowers and cheer.
Well I'd walk for miles,
To share such a smile with you.

I brought ya the flowers and candy. (Flowers and Candy!)
I brought ya the money too.
I've rented a room,
Now letta me see that flower bloom.
Love you, I love you.
Please don't let them take me away.
Love me, you love me.
I won't let them take you away.
You won't let them take me-
I won't let them take you-
I love you,
I'm going to take you away...
From that villain.
You sweet of soul,
Whose heart is whole,
I'm going to take you-
I won't let them take you again!

The Dream:

I'm slipping... into a dream...

I know this place.
Like my own home.
It's all safe here.
I think I'll stay.

Now fly through the mist,
It's a rainbow bliss,
Colored seas flow,
Sweet breezes blow.
A shifting land,
Of hu'ed sand.
A wonderful place,
An infinite space.
Fantastic creatures,
With fanciful features,
Blossoms bloom from sky,
And lights flying by.

Each moment's one of a kind,
In this realm of the mind.

What else could be better,
Than to float like a feather,
And never feel any pain,
Across this endless plane?

But it's not real...

Never return again.
See the shame in escaping pain-
Never return again.
Feel the pall of the coward's howl-
Never return again!
Know the might of the one true light-
And I'll never return again!

A Prayer:

Got nothin' left I guess I'm gonna pray (gonna pray)
Eyes on the sky and this is what I say:
"If I ever needed help I guess it's now...
I said if I ever needed help I NEED it now!
'Cause if I don't I know I know I'm gonna break-
So Help Me-
     Please Help Me!
for god's sake..."

But if you can hear the words that I sing...
Then why can't I hear anything?


Ah... Ah... ah...

Demons are plaguing me,
In the ice moonlight.
Dragging myself broken,
Out of hell into this blight.

So slowly I stumble,
On this failed splintered bone.
On the snow soaked in blood,
My flesh butchered and alone.

My soul's out of fire,
My body draws no breath.
I pray you save my life-
From the angel of death!


Why should we help you?
What should we all do?
Stay away rank sleaze.
And take your disease!
Now we cannot lie-
We want you to die!

You're just a nasty rotten corpse!
You're barely worth a sickly horse.
We just don't want you sucking blood!
But we don't mind you sucking mud.
We never welcome filthy scum-
You're wretched, base, gross, putrid, dumb.
We don't trust your pagan story, (Clearly a lie)
Now you come to us all gory. (Why don't you die)

The entire world is cracking-
It's going to swallow you whole!
The mountains and plains are wracking-
As you plunge down the endless hole.

It is partly that we don't care,
But mostly that you're a nightmare.
We're choking on your vile air-
So we banish you to far despair!

We bid farewell,
For time is nigh,
To burn in hell,
So now you die.

My final hope you've vainly blacked,
And a hatred has been inspired!
Demons, eat my soul and make pact-
And turn my rage into fire!

Make the earth to a sea of flames-
An inferno that touches sky!
A pyre for these sinner's shames,
So that we can, as one now, cry.

Your hatred made me a monster,
So we're damned by the same eclipse.
A wicked darkness that inters
All in pointless apocalypse!


Now it's over,
I played the goddamn game,
And I lost everything.
In the hell I've been through.
What is there left to do?
How do I stop the sting?
Who else is there to blame?
When you're a failure?


Vomit up my organs-
My blood is bursting out my veins.
I'm choking up my throat-
And coughing up my brains.

Break up my bones, rip up my skin,
Strip out my sinews, muscles, and sin.
My mind is consumed by my bane-
Swirling with thoughts of loss and pain.

I don't have the answer-
and all I know is wrong.
I don't know anything-
and it's all dead and gone.

Cut me up now-
Slash up my face!
Cut me up now
And bloody up this place.

'Cause it makes you wanna die...
When it's always so damn cold.

I don't have any options!
I really only know,
How to give up,
Or make things worse.

So this is how it ends?
I'm just a goddamn loser,
And all that's left,
Is for me die.

Fuck everything!
Damn the world,
crushing my heart!
Just leave me the hell alone!


I've played the trapped captive,
I've been held down and drowned.
Oh- but not anymore!
I'm not an idiot,
I've got to believe it!
Somewhere there is a door.
Got to get off the ground,
And find a way to live.


The Truth:


So I'm left with nothing...
Stripped of my illusion.
I'm going to die,
In this, my confusion.

How do I stop my sorrow?
When it's pointless what I do and say?
If I only see today?
And if won't live 'till tomorrow?

So I'm done! I don't care anymore!
Let it all go and rot to the core!
I'll do what I can and celebrate!
It'll be pain, It'll be great!
So even if my heart does shatter-
I do my best, nothing- else- matters!

yeah, Yeah, Yeah, YEAH!


This Could Be You:

I'm going stir crazy, I have to get out.
What tomorrow brings is so full of doubt.
But today's bright and sunny, as you can see,
So I just gotta get outside and shout!

Running through green fields, running free.
You can't catch hold of my ecstasy.
White puffy clouds and warm shining sky,
It's a happy, crazy, amazy, jubilee!

Get all your friends, there's new things to try,
And places to go you just gotta fly.
Not looking forward and not looking back-
Oh this joyful, fun, feeling that gets you so high!

La dah dah DAH dah dah OOoo
La dah dah DAH dah dah OOoo
La dah dah DAH dah dah OOoo (Woo woo woo woo woo woo WOO!)
La dah dah DAH dah dah OOoo (Woo woo woo woo woo woo WOO!)
La dah dah DAH dah dah OOoo (Woo woo woo woo woo woo WOO!)
La dah dah DAH dah dah OOoooo- (Woo woo woo woo woo woo YEAH!)

Nathan's Theme:


Goddammit awful people,
Burning souls is awful sweet,
Awesome carnage everywhere,
Melting flesh in the streets.

Acid gushes up from hell,
Eats the cities in a flood.
Use the force, tear their organs,
Make their bodies hemorrhage blood.

Nice roaming hounds of hell,
Looking for a brain to chew.
Kill them all, but not me,
Because I'm better than you.

Goddammit Goddammit Goddammit Goddammit!


Jazz Hands:
(Instrumental, no lyrics)

A Love Song:

Some people say that love is the best,
That if you have it your blessed,
It fits you like a glove,
But you know what I say?

Fuck Love.

Don't tell me what I want,
You don't know what love is anyway.
Don't tell me what I need,
'Cause I don't care and that's okay.

I thought I was happy-
And maybe I am...
But what I am I missing?
I wish I gave a damn.

I don't need it!
But damn do I want it!
But how do I get it?!
Fuck if I know.

I'm still sick of hearing,
How vital love is.
Fuck no it isn't!
That's just a sack of shit!

But for all you people searching for love,
And to be loved,
Why not me?
Love Me!
As I could love you.
But you know what? No! Fuck it!
And fuck love!
And fuck if I know what I want anymore!
(Yeah, 'cause this is all shit, and fuck this shit and-)
(And Fuck couples too!)

The Magic Pantsless Man:


There- once was a magic man.
He- had no pants.
He- knew just what to do.
He did a trick, he multiplied, now two are there.

Now- there are two pantsless men.
They- knew just what to do.
They- turned themselves into an army.
Then they tried, to take over, the world.

Now- pantsless men have taken over.
They- took the entire world.
NO ONE knew just what to do.
But now the men, punch those with pants, in the crotch.

(That was awful!)



Sometimes you want to go somewhere but-


Sometimes you want to go somewhere-

Sometimes you want,
To go somewhere
But you can't,
'Cause your car's on-