You have a few options to listen to music for free:

1. If you're not sure, I recommend streaming the Promo EP from YouTube. It's short, easy, free, and gives you a good overview of what I'm about, even if you stop after the first song. The Promo EP is four songs from "The Theatric Fantastic" album.

or with this link to the playlist.

2. You can also stream the entire "The Theatric Fanastic" album for free.

or with this link to the playlist.

3. You can also download the Promo EP for free

4. Or you can stream individual songs

01 - Test of Character

02 - The March

03 - Colossus

04 - Illegitmate Theatre

05 - The Dream

06 - A Prayer

07 - Monster!

08 - Failure

09 - The Truth

10 - This Could Be You

11 - Nathan's Theme

12 - Jazz Hands

13 - A Love Song

14 The Magic Pantsless Man + Sometimes... [Hidden Track]

5. Additionally, you can stream me from various websites/online services such as Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Rhapsody, and various others.

6. And of course, you can purchase music in the store